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strength, courage and sensuality, these are the characteristic traits that have always described the deepest soul of BREIL. From jewellery to fashion watches, the brand has captured the attention of the market thanks to a careful selection and processing of high quality raw materials, together with a unique and unmistakable style and design. Designed for men and women looking for a characterful watch, BREIL collections never go unnoticed, even after almost a century of history.

"Take away everything, but not my Breil" is the unforgettable slogan of this company, a phrase that underlines the intense (and indissoluble) bond that unites the watch to its owner. A relationship that represents, in some way, the perfect fit between the cold metal and the warmth of the skin. Contrasts, hard but elegant lines, resistant materials and the great precision of the gears: all this constitutes the true essence of BREIL watches.