About WatchStatus

We’re on a mission to make designer accessories more affordable for everyone.

Wear the style, flaunt the cost.

WatchStatus exists to make luxury designer brands more accessible to price-conscious lovers of fine craftsmanship (like you) with incredible prices.

Get more than just deep discounts.

It’s true - what you wear tells people a lot about who you are – a priceless statement to make. We have discovered a way to bring you the delights of rocking ‘statement-worthy’ designer accessories whilst easing the burden on your bank balance…

We stock brand-new, authentic, ex-retail and excess designer watches and sunglasses then pass on the savings from our bulk buying power, without inflating our prices by 60-70% (like some retailers do), so you can rejoice in your dazzling purchase at a fraction of the RRP price.

We thrive on praise and feedback.


Now, although we are loving the hundreds of 5-star raving reviews we’re receiving - we’re not complete narcissists! We want to hear your thoughts so we can continue to improve on the two things we are most passionate about:

(1) Authentic, quality craftsmanship from our designer watches, and

(2) Your trust in us

Which is why we deliver…

A service experience you’ll remember in your prayers.

Yep, we want you to shout about us to your family, friends and at random people on the street.

That’s why we’ll shower you with a dedicated and flexible customer experience that makes you feel like you’re dealing with actual human beings – being helpful, supportive and finding solutions wherever possible. Unlike massive corporations – infamous for their ridged policies and red tape – we’ll always grasp our policies with both hands and try to bend them to your will.

And we don’t own any red tape. Not even for packaging.

Ultimately it comes down to this:

We get to feel good about helping you share in all the things we love.

And YOU get an outrageously fabulous discount and a praise-worthy service.

Can’t say fairer than that, right?

How we make our prices so irresistible:

  • You can only find us online, so we have no expensive shop rents to pay.

  • We use our buying power to get brand-new ex-retail and excess stock in bulk, saving us – and importantly YOU a load of money.

  • We’d never sleep if we added a whopping great percentage on top. We love sleep. So, we don’t.

  • We sell low with the hope that you will return with your friends and family! 


Why our customer experience works:

  • Chat to one dedicated WatchStatus advisor and never get passed around the houses for a simple answer.

  • Uncompromised dispatch and delivery speed to reward your (im)patience waiting for your shiny parcel to arrive.

  • Price-matching against other retailers – if you find a better price, we’ll beat it. No quibbles. (Subject to our reasonable T&Cs, of course.)

  • Strong policies that we like trying to flex for your benefit.

  • Can’t find what you want? Ask us and we’ll see what we can do.

  • We’re often found digging through the stock room to take more pictures of items upon request.

  • Security is of top priority; all transactions are digitally SSL encrypted and all data is GDPR compliant.