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Frequently asked questions

Instead of asking a member of our staff via the live chat, browse through a selection of our common questions & answers to see if you can find what you are looking for.

When will my product arrive?
Often translated as: Can my shiny new thing be here yesterday please?
The top question on the leader board.

Now assuming you live in the UK and ordered on a working day (Monday - Friday) before 1pm, you should receive it before 12pm the next day working day. Order on a Friday, it’ll arrive Monday. A weekend and it’ll arrive Tuesday.

You will also receive a 1 hour delivery slot from DPD on the morning of delivery. If you haven’t received a delivery slot or your delivery the next working day, ask us on Live Chat to chase it up or send us a (polite) message.

Please note
Global health pandemics can be a nightmare for delivery schedules, which may be the cause of any delays you’re experiencing. Either way, we’ll get in touch with the courier to find out for you. More information is available in our shipping information.
Which company do you use for deliveries?
Often translated as: Please don’t let it be that company…

Dynamic Parcel Distribution.

That’s what DPD stands for. New lessons learned every day, eh?

We use them for several reasons:
• They send you a notification stating the delivery date and a 1 hour delivery window on the morning of delivery.
• They offer down-to-the-minute tracking times and a little map to obsess over.
• Of all those services we’ve trialled, none have come close to their reliability, speed and quality of service.

That said: If you have any concerns, send us a message by Live Chat or our form and we’ll do our best to resolve them.
Are the items you sell 100% genuine?
Often translated as: Do your accessories say Review Tomthen, Flossil and Michel Cors on them?
Can you imagine!?

All of the products we sell are 100% genuine. That’s what our unique industry connections and great buying power with reputable/authorised retailers and wholesalers allows us to do. The only difference is that (aside from Vincero) you don’t get an official manufacturer warranty. Fear not, though – we offer our own in its place. That’s both a massive discount and peace of mind. Why would you ever buy full retail price again?
Why are your watches so cheap?
Often translated as: Have these fallen off the back of a lorry?

Scandalous question! We entirely resent the use of the word ‘cheap’. And it’s a resounding ‘no!’ to the cheeky translation. (Never mind that we wrote them.)

Nothing we sell could ever be considered ‘cheap’. They’re expensive fashion accessories sold at incredible ‘value’, if you please. Our prices are simply a reflection of our industry buying power – that and the fact that we have no costly overheads.

We also work with reputable wholesalers and retailers to secure bulk orders of excess stock and clearance models at drastically low prices (we’ve never been inclined to swipe what isn’t ours off the back of a lorry). We then add a tiny percentage on top to turn a fair profit (versus the 60-70% mark up of some retailers) and pass the rest of the savings on to you.

Outrageously simple, really. And entirely above board.
What if my watch develops a fault?
Often translated as: My watch is telling space instead of the time. It’s confusing.

That all depends on the watch. Any watch that states ‘Manufacturer’s Warranty’ (like Vincero) can be taken directly to any authorised retailer for repair or replacement.

All other watches are covered by our own limited seller warranty. In this case, we invite you to send the watch back to us for repair or replacement.

Important: Please only send your watch back to us once you’re happy everything meets our warranty conditions. If you aren’t sure, please contact us.
Are your products brand new with official packaging?
Often translated as: Will I get a rusty monocle inside a used pizza box?

Yes! (to the original question, not the random one about pizza boxes – that’s a firm ‘no way’).

Every watch and pair of sunglasses arrives in exactly the way you’d expect from a high street retailer… brand new with their official boxes, tags, papers and plastic seals intact (where provided by the manufacturer).

The same goes for our bags – all brand new with manufacturer protection, tag and booklet (again, where provided by the manufacturer). The only thing we don’t provide are the box and dust bags as these are outlet products.
Do you hold all stock?
Often translated as: Am I going to have to wait weeks to get my new shiny thing?

Yes! We hold all items in stock at our UK address – guarded closely and enviously. (Seriously, you’re lucky we let any of it go at all.)

That means you don’t need to wait weeks for your new designer goodies – usually it’s next working day, depending on your location. Check our delivery info for details.

It also means you can contact us and request we take photographs of a specific item you’d like to know a little more about. True story!
Can you ship internationally?
Often translated as: Are your outrageously good prices guaranteed around the world?

Yes indeed! We can ship to most countries around the world.

We use speedy premium couriers, fully tracked and insured for your peace of mind. We also include import fees in our prices, so you never need to worry about nasty unexpected costs ruining a perfectly fine day. Outrageous value is guaranteed - the price at checkout is the price you pay.

There are a few countries we’re not allowed to ship to – if you’re unsure, feel free to contact us.
My order hasn't arrived, what do I do?
Often translated as: Where is it, where is it, where is it, where is it?!

Well, that depends on a couple of things…

We don’t dispatch orders on public holidays or weekends, so if you ordered at that time, we’ll ship on the next working day. Don’t worry, though – something beautiful is coming (tracked and fully insured, too).

If your package hasn’t arrived within our delivery times, please contact our team. (or the little green speech bubbles in the bottom right corner) and we’ll act with surprising agility to turn things around.