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Wristwatch Warranty

Wristwatch Warranty

Authorised Stockist - Warranty                    

Watches marked with 'Manufacturer Warranty' are covered by the official brand/manufacturer and therefore the customer can go to any authorised retailer for the repair or replacement. 

WatchStatus - Warranty          

Although all watches on our website are authentic, we are not authorised retailers for all brands apart from Vincero & Noir. 

This means that we can offer generous discounts on these particular brands as we aren't required to abide by the RRP. However, this also means we cant provide the official brands warranty, instead our own efficient 24 Month Warranty & 28 Day Full Cover Guarantee...

What's Covered? 

  • From the day of delivery we offer a 28 Day Full Cover Guarantee which will cover any manufacturer fault which happens on the entire watch.
  • From the day of delivery we also provide a 24 Month Movement Warranty, this covers any defects that naturally occur with the watches internal movement only. 

What's Not Covered In our warranty? 

  • Battery replacement.
  • Water/moisture damage.
  • External damage.
  • Strap/bracelet faults (Included in full cover guarantee)
  • Wear and tear.
  • Loss of stones or colouring.

    What will void the warranty?

    • Obvious signs of excessive of improper wear and tear.
    • Signs of outside force such as an obvious drop.
    • Third party repair attempts if WatchStatus hasn't been contacted before hand.  


    Any warranty claim should be made through our Contact Form directly from the customer who purchased the watch (third party claims will be rejected). A purchase confirmation receipt or order number along with full name will be required as proof of purchase to make any warranty claim. The customer will be required pay for the shipping of their product if they are outside the 28 day full cover period. The customer will also have to ship the watch directly back to our address.

    We aim to resolve any warranty claim within 2 weeks. This will be completed through either a refund, replacement watch or fixing/replacing the faulty part. The customer will be informed at every stage, we really are efficient with our warranty as its our responsibility that the watch has became unusable/faulty. 

    If you have any questions then please contact us through the Live Chat icon in the bottom right of screen or the Contact Form. Thank You.