Authorised Seller

Accessories marked with 'Manufacturer Warranty' are covered by the official brand/manufacturer and you can therefore go to any authorised retailer for the repair or replacement. Handy, right?

Note: Yes, every watch we is authentic.

Our warranty

Although all accessories we sell on our website are authentic, we are not authorised retailers for some brands we sell – and that’s the clever bit because by ‘going it alone’ we don’t have to abide by the manufacturer’s RRP, meaning we’re able to pass on very generous discounts to you.

Though it also means we can’t offer an official brand warranty, we can provide you with our 28 Day Full Cover Guarantee and a 24 Month Movement Warranty. Repairs are also carried out using official manufacturer parts only...

Let’s see what IS covered:

  • Our 28 Day Full Cover Guarantee is valid from the day of delivery and covers you for any manufacturer fault on our watches. We cover postage costs.
  • Our 24 Month Movement Warranty is valid from the day of delivery and covers any natural defects that affect the internal movement of the watch only. You cover return postage to us only. 

Here’s what’s NOT covered:

  • Water/moisture damage
  • Loss of stones or colouring
  • External damage
  • Wear and tear
  • Watch battery replacement*
  • Crown/Stem*
  • Strap/bracelet faults*

*Covered in the 28 Day Full Cover Guarantee but not in the 24 Month Movement Warranty for watches.

What will void your warranty?

The following conditions invalidate your claim against our 24 Month Movement Warranty:

  • Obvious signs of excessive/improper wear and tear
  • Signs of physical damage, like an accidental drop
  • Attempted third-part repairs (where you haven’t discussed with us beforehand)

How to make a claim

Claims must be made by the original buyer and can be started using our (Contact Form).

When you make a claim, we’ll need your:

  • Confirmation receipt or;
  • Order number and;
  • Full name

If you’re outside of the 28 Day Full Cover Guarantee period, you’ll need to cover the return cost of the watch and arrange to return it to our address:

WatchStatus Ltd


Old Brighton Road,


RH11 0PR

How long it’ll take

Like our delivery, we like warranty claims to be as efficient as possible, so we aim to process your claim within 2 weeks.

What we’ll do

Depending on the warranty issue; we’ll either refund you in full, replace the item or fix/replace the faulty part. We’ll keep you updated the whole time, so you’re never left in the dark.

Please note: False warranty claims will result in you, the customer, paying for all courier costs. 

If you have any questions, chat to us using the green Live Chat icon in the bottom right or use our Contact Form.