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Watch Buying Guide & Strap Adjustment

Watch Buying Guide & Strap Adjustment

Buying The Correct Watch          

It can be a hard decision when hunting for a suitable watch, maybe you are stuck for choice or you simply don't know what will suit you or your loved one best. We believe a watch is a personal pride, something special that will always compliment your look and help you to stand out. Whether its for your every-day look or you wish for it to be a timeless sentimental gift for years to come, we have put this section of facts and recommendations together to help you make that critical decision...

1. Movement & Features

A movement is the internal mechanism that makes a watch 'tick'. More often than not the movement is the heart of the watch and the design behind it, this is because whilst a movement always has the standard time, you can also get additions such as chronograph (stopwatch), dual time zone, GMT, date and many more functions, the way these features are laid out on the watch is down to the movements design.

There is different types of movements:

  • Quartz: This is a battery powered movement and is found in the vast majority of our watches. Quartz movements tend to be incredibly accurate however you will need to change the battery every couple of years.

  • Mechanical Automatic: Also known as 'self-winding', this type of movement charges through the use of kinetic energy from when you move about on your day-to-day activities. There is usually around a 48 hour power reserve in these watches so it doesn't just stop as you stop. This type of watch can also be manually charged by twisting the crown. A lot of automatic watches tend to feature a glass window on the back so you can see the beautifully crafted internals. Prices are usually higher for self-winding automatic watches. 

  • Mechanical Manual: This type of movement is exactly the same as an automatic one however it can only be charged via manually twisting the crown. 

    2. Styling 

    With such an incredible broad selection of watches all over the world you can expect to see a countless variety of watch designs & styling. However, what one is right for you? Usually the answer lies behind the reasoning as to why an individual would like to purchase a new watch...

  • Occasion: For dress events people tend to go for an eye-catching design as it can take the outfit to the next level. Its something that'll make a statement and separate your style from everyone else. However, its not rare to want a subtle watch that flows with the outfit. 

  • Colours: If you are after something to compliment your every day look then it could be beneficial to think about what outfits you'd usually wear. One individual may like to wear blue jeans so a blue dial could pair up well to make the whole outfit flow. If you are unsure or simply like to wear a selection of different colours then silver, black or white could be the right option. 

  • Jewellery: If you are someone that likes to consistently wear gold jewellery then we'd recommend to match that with a stunning gold watch. You can even pair this gold watch with eye-catching crystals that you can find on a lot of jewellery.

  • Material: This can be tricky but here is our general advise; for a day-to-day watch a mesh, leather, silicone or rubber strap may be best due to having better size adjustment or material comfort. If you plan or wearing the watch for sport then silicone or rubber is the best option. For dress events we find metal bracelets have the edge at standing out due to better pattern designs and a more classy look.

  • Size: Our watches come in numerous different sizes, from small and light-weight to large and more heavily weighted. Smaller faced watches are great for daily wear or even as a subtle accessory for dress events. Large watches are there to stand out more and make a statement however this isn't always the case... This certainly comes down to personal preference however our general rule of thumb is 'the larger the wrist, the larger the watch face'. This way the watch will always sit right. Watch sizes are viewable in the specification section on every product page, we also provide images of how each watch will look on a medium sized wrist. 

  • Strap Adjustment          

    You have just purchased your new watch but it doesn't fit! Here is what can be done to ensure a comfortable fit...

  • Leather & Silicone/Rubber: These straps are easily adjusted at any time by pulling the clasp to the correct hole. If your wrist is still too small or large then get in contact and we will see if we can sort a different sized strap or potentially get more holes punched in.  

  • Mesh Bracelet: Mesh bracelets are the most adjustable. Simply un-clip from the current position by lifting the metal section that the arrow directs to. Once lifted, move to the correct position and close shut. 

  • Metal Link bracelet: Although these bracelets are the most difficult to adjust, there is many options available; take to a jewellers to remove links on your behalf for a small fee. Get in contact after purchasing and we'll adjust for you however this will void the return period. On the product page, select the option to purchase our metal link removal tool so you can adjust at any time from home (bracelets tend to come with arrows to show the direction to push the pin out). 

    If you require any assistance with strap adjustment, using our link removal tool or choosing the correct watch to purchase then please get in contact through our Contact Us page where a member of our trained staff will be more than happy to help!